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EUMillennialsTOUR: Project Launch
Release Date: 05th November 2015
Download Press Release (PDF) 1.1.16
Download Press Release (PDF) 5.11.15
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Download Establishment of the Steering Committee
Download Visual Identity
Download 8 Good Practices Selected
Download Webzine 1: Introducing the EUMillennialsTOUR Project
Download Webzine 2: The EUMillennialsTOUR Pilot Trips
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The EUMillennialsTOUR App is an interactive guide to 8 exciting school trips, offering new learning experiences. You can navigate through all the places of the EUMillennialsTOUR Pilot Trips. It also provides you with info’s on opening hours or the best food around.

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In this gallery, all your instagram posts are shown when you upload them with #eumillennialstour as your selected hashtag.
Here you can share your travel experiences from the pilot trips, insights of your workshop sessions and everything related to industrial heritage tourism you pick up online.